"Thank you for being a TWRA member or for becoming a new member."
Please select one of the payment options, below.

We offer the following options for payment of the TWRA subscription fee:
● Using a credit or debit card or your existing PayPal account
● Setting up a standing order
● In cash
Using a Credit or Debit Card or your Existing PayPal Account
You can pay your annual TWRA subscription online via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to do this. You may use any debit or credit card and check out as a guest. You can use your existing PayPal account if you have one, of course.
We have three payment choices:
● A recurring annual payment of £5 (no need to have to remember to do it every year)
● A one-off annual subscription payment of £5 for this year only
● A one-off donation of any amount you specify

Payments will show on your card statement as ‘PAYPAL *TWRA’ and you will receive an email receipt showing your successful transaction details including the amount of £5.00.

If you opt for the annual recurring payment your receipt will also confirm when your next annual payment will be made. This will be one year on from your original transaction. Should you need to cancel your subscription in future (e.g. if you move away from the area) you can cancel your subscription by instructing your credit or debit card provider. Please also use the Contact form on this website to advise us of this.

Please note that TWRA’s membership and financial year both run from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. You can pay your annual membership subscription at any time between Jan 1st and Nov 30th without losing your membership continuity earned by having paid the previous year’s subscription.
Annual Recurring Subscription Payment of £5.
To make an annual recurring payment of £5 please click the PayPal button below. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit/debit card.
One-off Subscription Payment of £5.
To make a one–off payment of £5 via your PayPal account or credit/debit card, please click the button below.
If you have not paid past years’ subscriptions (e.g. during Covid when no road stewards called to collect them) or if you wish to make a donation to the TWRA, please use the payment option below.
Donate any amount to the TWRA.
Some residents have been kind enough to donate to particular TWRA projects such as 'street tree planting', so we have provided an additional PayPal button which will accept donations of any amount that you specify.
If you are experiencing any difficulties with an online payment or have any comments then please let us know directly via the Contact page.
Standing Order or Regular Payment from your Bank
You can instruct your bank to make an annual payment to the TWRA. If you bank online some banks now refer to this as ‘Regular Payments’ and allow you to set these up within your online account.

The TWRA bank account details you will need to set this up online are:
- Sort code: 30 98 43
- Account number: 00110260
- Account name: Tadworth & Walton Residents Assn

Alternatively, all banks will still accept a printed Standing Order form. You can download the TWRA Standing Order form, below, and hand in at your local bank branch or post it to them once you have completed it.
NB: This is not a Direct Debit. The TWRA does not see your bank account details and cannot request funds from your account. You can stop a Standing Order or Regular Payment at any time by simply instructing your bank.
Payment in Cash
Payment can be made by putting the cash amount in a sealed envelope on the outside of which you have written your name and address and the words “TWRA SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT”. If you add your email address we will send a payment receipt and add you to the email bulletin distribution list. We will not send a receipt unless provided with an email address.

You can then take the envelope and hand it in at either:
● Nethercott Opticians, 6 Station Approach, Tadworth
● Michael Everett Estate Agents, 61 Walton Street, Walton on the Hill



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